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Call for Artists in the NYC Metropolitan Area

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Posted by: Craff House
Deadline: Thu, June 1st, 2017

We’re a small arts-based startup in Lower Manhattan seeking artists to be featured in our digital tutorials.. This is a paid opportunity where we will be filming you in your studio as well as in our own stuido in downtown Manhattan demonstrating your tutorial.

The videos are designed to allow subscribers really get an insight to your work, why you make it and how. Think of them as a movie combining the experiences of a studio visit, artists talk and workshop all in one.

Experience performing workshops or teaching is preferred, but not necessary. What’s more important is being able to engage your audience and convey how and why you do what you do in a way that others can follow along and share in your creative process.

Our tutorials will be approximately 40 to 60 minutes in length and show an audience of beginners how to create a beautiful art project in the comfort of their own home.


What we’re looking for:

- Projects must be appropriate for beginners, but still beautiful, relevant and impressive.

- Our subscribers are art appreciators and design savvy, so an elevated end result, where they can feel really surprised and proud of what they made is essential.

- Process driven work using a unique skill or technique that can potentially be individualized will be given priority 

- Projects that have a functionality will be given priority over purely decorative, however the more creative and unique the process, the better!

We want to showcase a rich variety of projects utilizing a wide range of materials and processes. Be creative! Surprise us! Just know the end result must have a more elevated appearance. This is meant for adults not children, so strong design, quality and uniqueness of materials will be highly valued. Ideally, projects should also allow our members to personalize their piece and make it their own where they can learn from your process and/or technique to make something similar, but in their own tastes.


A $1000 Artist stipend will be provided if selected for production as well as a portion of the sales for your featured project. Artists will be expected to commit to 2-3 days of filming if selected. All filming is done in NYC, artist are expected to get themselves to the filming locations, no travel stipends are available at this time.


The specifics: 

Supplies needed for your project must fit into a 12" x 9" x 3" box. (including all tools.)


To submit, please email with ARTIST SUBMISSION in the subject line and the following information: 

- name/address

- website and any relevant other sites like Instagram or Etsy

- 1-2 Drawings and/or photos of proposed project with a short description

- Materials list (including tools needed)

- Video links to previous artist talks, workshops etc are appreciated if available



Ian Davenport -how he took his abstract painting style and applied it to decorative plates using porcelain paints.

Orly Grenger – how she took the same process as her large crochet installation works and turned that into a coffee table

Frank Stella - how he turned the design of his sculptures into ornaments 


Think if you had something representing your artwork sold in a musuem store, what would it be?!

Posted on Sun, April 9th, 2017
Expires on Thu, June 1st, 2017

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