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West Bund X: VI Design Competition

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Posted by: Shanghai West Bund
Deadline: Fri, May 12th, 2017


West Bund is an ambitious urban branding and development project initiated by Shanghai’s Xuhui District government. It seeks to bring together domestic and foreign pioneers in the fields of culture, art, media, fashion, design, and innovative finance to create a unique and vibrant world-class waterfront on par with the Left Bank in Paris and the South Bank in London.


“West Bund X” contest calls for VI designs which illustrate the infinite and diverse possibilities which Shanghai West Bund brings to the community at home and beyond.  



The design shall match West Bund’s vision of a vibrant waterfront area of a global city and its function as a major culture cluster. The design shall reflect West Bund’s identity, cultural accumulation and distinctive connotation.


The design should be concise and clear, modern yet sublime; it should be bright in theme, rich in content and easy to identify. The design should be easily enlarged and reduced in size, it could be applied to different contexts and promotional materials across platforms. The design should be malleable and available to create moving, three-dimensional, fading in/out, interactive, material, visual, color, digital effects.



Please submit your design by 5:00pm (GMT+8), May 12th 2017. Any late submissions will not be received or reviewed.



Any individual or institution/group can participate in the contest.


Materials for Submission

All participants must submit the following materials:

1. Logo design (it can be graphics, or text, or combination of graphics and text)

2. Logo placements in the following contexts

a. On printing materials (i.e. brochures and posters etc.)

b. On public facilities and signage (i.e. street signs and building facades etc.)

c. On West Bund events (i.e. West Bund Music Festival, West Bund Food Festival, West Bund Art & Design Fair, etc.)

3. You must include one or several elements below in your logo design:

WEST BUND (either capital or lower-case letters)

上海西岸 (Chinese name for “Shanghai West Bund”)


Submission Process

There is no registration or participation fee.


Please fill in the Registration Form, and email it along with your designs to


By submitting the design files, the participants agree to all the rules and conditions. The participants may submit supplementary materials before the submission deadline in case earlier submissions fail to meet the requirements.


Participants may download this guide and Registration Form from the official website.



First Award (one selected design): CNY 300,000

Recognition Award (three selected designs): CNY 20,000 for each design

Popularity Award (five designs): CNY 1,000 for each design

The monetary rewards mentioned above are pre-tax. The recipients should pay    taxes

according to related laws (including but not limited to that of People’s Republic of China). Other submissions that do not win the awards will not be receiving any of the rewards or bonus.


More information and application form can be found via:  



Posted on Sat, April 15th, 2017
Expires on Fri, May 12th, 2017

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