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Posted by: After School Special
Deadline: Sat, July 1st, 2017

After School Special is an organization headed by a collective of artists seeking community engagement through nontraditional exhibitions, film screenings, queer events, informal classes, applicable workshops, malleable dialogue, and everything in between.

As a group of working and emerging artists, we seek to support creative individuals of a similar stature by providing opportunities for under recognized, socially engaged, young makers. A.S.S. engages art and community at a local, national, and international level in hopes of becoming part of the larger cultural discussion that defines us all. We are not bound by walls, but by the value of ideas and the people behind them.

Our operation is currently based out of a raw space in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee, WI. This location provides studios for eight current members and houses The Lunchbox, a gallery space built into a former freight elevator shaft.




LUNCH MONEY is a periodical call for proposals for solo, collaborative, or group exhibitions, curatorial projects, screenings, workshops, or other art happenings.



In an effort to further support the artists we platform, After School Special has revamped their open call to select a single proposal each application cycle. LUNCH MONEY will provide the accepted exhibition proposal with a $100 budget to aid in the creation, transportation and installation of the show.


Proposals may be for solo, collaborative or curated exhibitions. Complimentary programming (to take place at the opening, closing or during the exhibition run) may also be considered and is encouraged! The proposal cycle is for programming from Jan. 1 - May 31 2018 cycle. Submissions are due July 1 2017 MIDNIGHT CST.


Submissions are FREE from now until June 1 2017.

Submissions sent in between June 2 - June 16 will have a $5 fee through a Paypal button on our website.

Submissions sent in between June 17 - July 1 will have a $10 fee.


To apply, please submit a single, reduced size PDF (that means 1 PDF with all of the required proposal materials friends!) to with PROPOSAL SUBMISSION in the subject line.


Proposal Materials:

Basic/Contact Info (Name, website, email, phone number, mailing address)

Type of project [is this a solo, collaborative (the person(s) submitting have work in the show) or curated (the person(s) submitting do not have work in the show) exhibition? Film/Video Screenings are also an acceptable project for LUNCH MONEY)

Project Proposal (max. 300 words)

How will the space be utilized? Describe how you envision work interacting with The Lunchbox or ASS studio space or both (max. 100 words)

Do you have a preferred month that you would like to see your project come to fruition? Include 1st and 2nd choice(s) or specify if no preference.

Work Samples (no more than 10 individual works, images must be embedded within the PDF) Accepted images are work samples, stills, sketches, or installation shots. Up to 10 images will be accepted, all images must include a brief description and must be submitted as ONE reduced size PDF file.

If submitting film/video/4D work, it must be represented by an image in your work samples (ie. stills). Include Vimeo/Youtube links in the email. Please provide password if the work is password protected. Make sure video work remains live after you submit your proposal. Up to 3 different Vimeo links can be submitted. There is no length requirement, but please keep in mind that videos, clips, or excerpts over 3 minutes may not be viewed in entirety. *Excerpts are highly encouraged!*




**If you have not physically visited our space in the past, please familiarize yourself with our website and look at images of past shows**  If you are local, set up a time to visit the space!


If you have any questions about submitting a proposal or application requirements, please send us an email at or visit for more information


Posted on Thu, May 18th, 2017
Expires on Sat, July 1st, 2017

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