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Bie-modernism Current Challenges and the Future

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Posted by: Georgia Southwestern State University (CCBMS)
Deadline: Tue, September 1st, 2020




 Bie-modernismCurrent Challenges and the Future

——Chinese and Western Dialogues on Art, Modernity, Truth, History and Space

(The 2nd American and 6th International Conference on Bie-modern Studies)

(Free Virtual Conference hosted by CCBMS)


Center for Chinese Bie-modern Studies at Georgia Southwestern State University, USA

Institute of Aesthetics and Aesthetic Education at Shanghai Normal University, China

Center for Bie-modern Studies at the University of Primorska in Koper, Slovenia

October 1-3 Americus Georgia (Presentation of papers and panel discussions: free online virtual conference)

The Center for Chinese Bie-modern Studies (CCBMS) at Georgia Southwestern State University in collaboration with the Institute of Aesthetics and Aesthetic Education of Shanghai Normal University and the Center for Bie-modern Studies at the University of Primorska, will host a virtual international symposium to be held online Oct 1st – 3rd  2020. We are calling for papers on a wide range of topics that engage issues in contemporary Chinese culture, cultures in similarly developing countries or within the developed west.   Dr. Wang Jianjiang, a Chinese scholar in Shanghai has proposed a theory of “Bie-modernism” as a way to discuss the contemporary Chinese experience as unique and different from the western phenomenon.  His ideas have been expanding globally while creating a growing dialogue between Chinese and western scholars concerning zhuyi and or "ism" (theory).  This has led to the questioning of historical modes and comparisons between the Bie-modern and modern, Bie-modern and postmodern, the resilience of pre-modern perspectives, art and reality, and a wide array of contemporary issues. The collision between Chinese and western scholars comes from their different cultural backgrounds, knowledge systems and values, which have thus formed many intersections of unique and contrasting perspectives. The concept of Bie-modern has been and can be applied to a variety of disciplines and not merely art and aesthetics.   Paper proposals are encouraged from all disciplines.  Selected papers will be compiled and published in paperback form.

Manuscript Requirements 

August 1st, 2020   abstract of 500 words due; send proposals to

August 20th, 2020   Confirmation of papers acceptance for presentation

September 1st, 2020 Full text due (6,000 – 10,000 words) 

1. Bie-modernism and the future of mankind

2. Bie-modernism; art and literature during the pandemic

3. Pandemics, Interplanetary Travel during Bie-modern times.

4. COVID 19 the politics of pandemics and historical comparisons. 

5.The philosophical and aesthetic connections between China and the West and its contemporary significance.

6. Comparative study of eastern and western aesthetic forms.

7. Modern, pre-modern, post-modern, and Bie-modern characteristics of art, and their compatibility and exclusivity.

8. Similarities and differences between Bie-modernism, modernism, postmodernism, and post-socialism.

9. Review and contrasts of Chinese and western theories of truth.

10. Comparative study of Laozi and Zhuangzi’s thoughts and postmodernism.            

11.Modernization and its development: different perspectives between China and the West.

12.The role of digital ecologies and social networks in Bie-modern societies.

13.The hybridity and fuzziness of Bie-modern society and its aesthetic form 

14.Contemporary art – Postmodern or “Bie-modern”

15.The relationship between art and social formation

16.What is the Chinese avant-garde and the Bie-modern

17.Cross disciplinary applications of the Bie-modern concept

18.Contemporary aesthetic and the Bie-modern

19.Historical and Ahistorical in Bie-modern

20.Hybrid forms of the Bie-modern

21.Bie-modern and the transformation of gender roles and sexual identity


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Posted on Mon, June 8th, 2020
Expires on Tue, September 1st, 2020

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