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  • We will update this page frequently. Thanks for your patience and flexibility! 

    This information is current as of October 22, 2020.


    Why are we moving to an online conference format? 

    CAA’s primary consideration for the 2021 conference has been the health and safety of our members and communities. As such, CAA will hold its annual conference as a virtual program.

    What will sessions look like during CAA 2021?  

    For CAA 2021, each session will consist of up to 90 minutes of pre-recorded presentations uploaded by presenters and chairs. Each session will also have a live Q&A scheduled between February 10 –13, 2021.

    Conference registrants will access the prerecorded presentations online at any time during the conference access dates, submit questions to session participants and attend the live Q&As of their choosing.

    How can I access the conference? 

    All session participants are required to be a member in good standing from acceptance through at least February 13, 2021. Session participants must also register for the conference.  

    In order to view content and participate in discussion at the Annual Conference, you must register for the conference.  


    I know many members have been affected by the pandemic. How can I help? 

    Many of you indicated that you want to help fellow CAA members by donating to a fund to help offset the costs of registration. You can donate at the point of registration through our “Pay It Forward” initiative or through the “support” section of our website.



    When does registration open? 

    Registration opens November 1, 2020.  

    How much will conference registration cost? 

    Registration prices will be made public on November 1, 2020. 

    What if I cannot afford to pay for registration? 

    Two types of support are available: 

    We have converted funds from travel grants into support grants for members presenting that the conference who will incur costs related to their presentation. That could include pieces of technology (webcam, headphones) or childcare-related costs. 

    Donations from the Presidents Circle and other generous individuals will be used to provide complimentary registrations for those who demonstrate need.  

    Both support grants are accepting applications between October 15 through December 15, 2020. Applicants will be notified by January 15, 2021.  


    What will I need to register? 

    You will need your CAA Member ID number. If you have misplaced this information, please contact Member Services at or 212-691-1051, ext. 1. 

    Do I need to be a member to register for the conference? 

    All session participants are required to be a member in good standing from acceptance through the run of the conference.  

    If you are attending the conference, then you do not need to be a member, but we encourage you to consider becoming one! You can become a member (or re-join CAA if your membership has expired) when you register. 

    What does a “Free and Open Session” registration cover? Why do I need to register if it’s free? 

    Our free and open programming is provided courtesy of the Services to Artists Committee (SAC) and the Students and Emerging Professionals Committee (SEPC). You are required to register in order to access content 

    Preparing your presentation

    I have questions about recording my and sharing my work. What can I do to prepare?   

    CAA and our technical support team will share guidelines for preparing for online sessions, as well as preconference webinars to walk both presenters and audience members through the technology of participation.  Our guidelines for recording your presentation can be found here [link to webpage in Confex] 

    CAA has developed protocols and guidelines regarding best practices to protect the intellectual property of participants. Presenters are required to sign a digital permissions form as part their participation in the conference at the time of registration.  

    When is my pre-recorded presentation due? 

    All pre-recorded presentations are due to be uploaded to your Speakers Corner by January 5, 2021. 

    Why do I need to provide my presentation so far in advance of the conference? 

    We understand your concern about the January 5th deadline for prerecorded uploads for session presentations. CAA has been fortunate to have a robust program of session content (over 350 sessions with over 1,400 presentations). In order to create a successful conference, we must have sufficient time to ensure that the uploaded recordings function properly, address problems that may arise, and attach the pre-recorded uploads to the appropriate session and verify that content functions properly prior to February 9th. This is a shift from the ways in which many of you have prepared your presentations for an in-person event, but in order for us to be able to provide content to all conference attendees by February 9th, we need ample time to process over 1,400 recordings. We appreciate your patience and understanding. 

    What are you doing with my recorded content? Are you editing it? 

    No, we will not edit your content in any way. We will check it for sound quality and video quality, and will potentially trim the beginning and the end of your recording if you lack a smooth entrance and exit into your presentation (i.e. camera adjustment, opening the powerpoint while recording, closing the powerpoint while recording). 

    Attending the Annual Conference

    Once I have registered for the conference, how do I attend? 

    Pre-recorded content will be available to you starting on February 9, 2021. Log into your account on the conference portal [link to confex webapp] to access the pre-recorded content and links to live Q&A sessions. 

    Will you still have a Book & Trade Fair? 

    Yes! The conference Book and Trade Fair will be virtual this year as well, hosting publishers, artist materials manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, programs of advanced study, digital resource providers for professionals in the visual arts, and other non-profit organizations. Conference registration includes access to the exhibits and exhibit-hall-only registration will also be available. Access to the Book & Trade Fair will open January 27, 2021. 

    Will you offer programs that were a part of the in-person conference, such as Idea Exchange or Workshops? 

    We are currently focused on providing pre-recorded presentations and live online Q&A sessions. We hope to offer additional programs, such as roundtable discussions and workshops, later in the year. Stay tuned! 


    We know we may not have answered all of your questions. Please let us know! Email questions to