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CAA 2019 Annual Conference

New York, NY, February 13–16, 2019
New York Hilton Midtown

The CAA Annual Conference is the largest professional convening of art historians, artists, designers, curators, and others in the visual arts.

The Annual Conference Committee reviews over 800 submissions each year, taking into account subject areas and themes that arise from accepted proposals to present as a broad and diverse a program as possible.

The 2019 conference will include over 300 sessions submitted by our members, committees, and affiliated societies, offering a wide range of program content.



  • All sessions will be ninety minutes in length at CAA 2019. Please plan either session or paper/project proposals accordingly.
  • All session participants (with the exception of exhibitors) must have current CAA memberships valid through February 16, 2019, to take part in the conference.
  • Institutional member IDs may not be used to participate in sessions.
  • All session participants must register for the conference. Online registration will begin the first week of October. Early registration ends December 16, 2018. Advance registration ends January 30, 2019.
  • Session and paper/project abstracts should be no more than 250 words in length.
  • Information in the proposal forms should be entered accurately (e.g. spelling of names, affiliations, titles) as this information will appear in conference publications such as Abstracts 2019 and the conference website.
  • The Annual Conference Committee makes its selections solely on the basis of merit and works to create a balanced program.
  • If their proposals are accepted, CAA members may participate in session panels in consecutive years. Each member may participate in each year's conference in up to three ways. They may serve as a: Session Chair, Session Speaker, and/or Session Discussant. Each member may not, however, serve a single role more than once in a particular conference year (i.e. serve as a speaker in two different panels, chair two sessions, serve as a discussant or Q&A leader on multiple panels, etc.).
  • For more information about session proposals for the 2019 Annual Conference, please contact Mira Friedlaender, CAA manager of the Annual Conference, at 212-392-4405 or Tiffany Dugan, CAA director of programs and publications, at 212-392-4410.
  • The 2020 Call for Proposals will open March 1, 2019.


Please be sure to confirm dates closer to the time as they can occasionally shift.

  • March 1–April 27: Call for Proposals (includes Complete Session, Session Soliciting Contributors, Individual Paper/Project)
  • March 1–April 27: Call for Proposals for Guaranteed Sessions from Affiliated Societies and CAA Committees (includes Complete Session and Session Soliciting Contributors)
  • Early July: Notifications sent to all submitters
  • July: Call for Participation for accepted Sessions Soliciting Contributors posted on CAA website
  • End July: Notifications sent to accepted individual paper/project participants regarding composed session configurations
  • August 6: Deadline for Call for Participation for Sessions Soliciting Contributors
  • Late August: Organizers of Sessions Soliciting Contributors finalize session information and notify accepted contributors
  • September 14: Deadline for Exhibitor Sessions and Art-Making and Professional Development Workshops
  • Mid-September: CAA 2019 Annual Conference schedule finalized
  • Early October: Early conference registration opens
  • Late October: Full conference schedule posted to the CAA website
  • December 14: Deadline for Idea Exchange submissions
  • December 16: Early conference registration closes
  • December 17: Advance conference registration opens
  • January 30, 2019: Advance conference registration closes