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CAA 2019 Annual Conference

New York, NY, February 13—16, 2019
New York Hilton Midtown

The CAA Annual Conference is the largest professional convening of art historians, artists, designers, curators, and others in the visual arts. Each year we offer sessions submitted by our members, committees, and affiliated societies offering a wide range of program content.

The Annual Conference Committee members review over 800 submissions each year. They take into account subject areas and themes that arise from accepted proposals to present as a broad and diverse a program as possible. The Committee selects approximately 250 sessions for each conference and it must, at times, make difficult decisions on submissions of high merit. This means that on occasion, quality submissions may not be selected.

All participants (chair, presenter, moderator) must be current CAA members and register for the conference in order to participate in a session.

CAA schedules the conference program so that there are back-to-back sessions with similar content. However, given the number of sessions, this is not always possible. All sessions are ninety minutes in length and are scheduled Wednesday, February 13, through Saturday, February 16, in the following timeslots:
  • 8:30—10:00 AM
  • 10:30 AM—12:00 PM
  • 2:00—3:30 PM
  • 4:00—5:30 PM
  • 6:00—7:30 (Thursday, February 14, and Friday, February 15, only)


CAA Affiliated Societies and CAA Committees may submit for one guaranteed ninety-minute session in the Complete Session or Session Soliciting Contributors category following the general session proposal deadlines. If they wish, CAA Affiliated Societies and CAA Committees may submit an additional proposal in the portal for a ninety-minute session, to be vetted by the Annual Conference Committee. The additional session is not officially associated with the CAA Professional Committee or CAA Affiliated Society and will not be tagged as such. Visit Affiliated Society membership for more information on participating in the CAA Annual Conference.


  • Session and paper/project abstracts should be no more than 250 words in length.
  • Please follow the Chicago Manual of Style for your submission.
  • The accuracy of information in the submission is important as, if selected, it will be transferred to the conference program, abstracts booklet, website, etc., exactly as written.

Reunions and Receptions

DEADLINE: July 31, 2018
Organizations may sponsor a faculty and alumni reception during the Annual Conference. Receptions are highly valued and contribute to the success of the CAA Annual Conference.

Call for Participation for accepted Sessions Soliciting Contributors
DEADLINE: August 6, 2018
Beginning the first week of July, single paper or project submissions in response to the CAA 2019 Call for Participation (CFP) should be sent directly to the session chair(s)—if there is more than one session chair, send materials to both chairs. Proposals should include a proposal form (found at the end of the CFP), an abstract of your presentation, a cover letter to chair(s), a shortened CV, and work documentation (if necessary).

Poster Session

DEADLINE: August 15, 2018
CAA invites proposal submissions for Poster Sessions at the CAA 2019 Annual Conference. Poster Sessions offer excellent opportunities for informal discussion and conversation focused on topics of scholarly or pedagogical research. Proposals require a description of the project (up to 250 words), with a title and member CV.

Exhibitor Session

DEADLINE: September 14, 2018
Registered exhibitors at the 2019 conference are welcome to propose full sessions or workshops (ninety minutes in length) for inclusion in the full-conference program. These sessions should convey practical information, professional expertise, or historical/scholarly content and may not be used for direct marketing, sales or promotion of products, publications, or services or programs.

Complete Session
OPENS: March 1, 2018
DEADLINE: April 27, 2018
The organizer submits the information about the complete session including: session title, session abstract (up to 250 words), names and affiliations of all session participants, Chair’s CV, presentation titles, presentation abstract texts (up to 250 words each).

Session Soliciting Contributors
OPENS: March 1, 2018
DEADLINE: April 27, 2018
The organizer submits a session title and abstract (up to 250 words) that will require a call for participation. The list of accepted Sessions Soliciting Contributors will be posted on the CAA website in late June or early July, 2018. Session organizers review and select papers and projects based on their own requirements. See CAA 2019 Call for Participation section below for more information.

Individual Paper/Project
OPENS: March 1, 2018
DEADLINE: April 27, 2018
An individual member may submit an abstract (up to 250 words), with title and member CV. If accepted, the individual paper will be included in the 2019 conference as part of a composed session with others accepted in this category based on subject area or compatible content.


Please be sure to confirm dates closer to the time as they can occasionally shift.

  • March 1 – April 27: Call for Proposals (includes Complete Session, Session Soliciting Contributors, Individual Paper/Project)
  • March 1 – April 27: Call for Proposals for Guaranteed Sessions from Affiliated Societies and CAA Committees (includes Complete Session and Session Soliciting Contributors)
  • Early July: Notifications sent to all submitters
  • July: Call for Participation for accepted Sessions Soliciting Contributors posted on CAA website
  • End July: Notifications sent to accepted individual paper/project participants regarding composed session configurations
  • Late August: Organizers of Sessions Soliciting Contributors finalize session information and notify accepted contributors
  • mid-September: CAA 2019 Annual Conference schedule finalized
  • October 8: CAA 2019 Annual Conference schedule posted on CAA website; online conference registration opens
  • December 16: Early conference registration closes
  • December 17: Advance conference registration opens
  • February 8: Advance conference registration closes