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February 16–19, 2022, in-person (Chicago, IL)
March 3–5, 2022, virtual (Zoom)

In-person sessions in Chicago will not be remotely accessible. Access to recorded conference content will be available through April 14, 2022.

General Information 

The CAA Annual Conference is the largest professional convening of art historians, artists, designers, curators, and others in the visual arts in the US. Each year we offer sessions submitted by our members, committees, and affiliated societies offering a wide range of program content.  

The Annual Conference Committee & Council of Readers review over 1,000 submissions each year. They take into account subject areas and themes that arise from accepted proposals to present as broad and diverse a program as possible.  

The Call for Proposals allowed CAA members the opportunity to submit for the 2022 CAA Annual Conference. Proposals were submitted from March 1 through May 12, 2021. Upon acceptance, all session participants (chair, presenter, discussant) must be and remain current Individual CAA members through the duration of the conference. Participants must also register for the conference, in order to participate in a session.  See more details below. 

CAA is pleased to announce that we will deliver the 110th Annual Conference with in-person and virtual, live sessions in two components. Approximately 150 in-person sessions will be held at the Hilton Chicago from February 16–19, and 50 virtual, live sessions will be held on Zoom from March 3–5. All sessions will be 90 minutes long, organized at the discretion of each session chair. Updates will follow, and more details will be communicated to CAA committees, members, and submitters as soon as they become available.

Content Threads

While the format and framework has yet to be determined, for CAA 2022 we will invite submitters to identify whether their content falls into the following three content threads. Selecting a thread allows your content to be tagged accordingly in the CAA 2022 conference schedule. You may select multiple threads. Your selection will not impact the review process.

  • Women-Centered Content: For CAA 2020, in collaboration with the Committee on Women in the Arts, CAA presented the conference program with roughly 50% conference content identified by submitters as being focused on women-centered content. Read more about the original call.
  • Climate Crisis: For CAA 2021, CAA offered a selection of sessions, papers, speakers, and related programming on the topic of climate crisis. Read more about the original call.
  • Social Justice: For CAA 2022, we invite submitters to identify whether their content falls into the above content threads, as well as a social justice focus area, which includes submissions on the topic of social justice.

Conference Participation Rules/FAQ 

KEY DATES for CAA 2022 

March 1–May 12 (deadline extended): Submissions accepted for CAA 2022. Deadlines are enforced at 11:59 PM EDT.

May–June: Review by the Council of Readers and the Annual Conference Committee.

Early August: Acceptance notifications sent for submissions entered by the May 12 deadline.

August 12–September 16: Chairs of accepted Sessions Soliciting Contributors, will accept proposals directly from submitters during the Call for Participation.

Early September: Notification of schedule is sent to accepted submissions entered by the May 12 deadline. Chairs are responsible for notifying their participants.

September 23: Deadline for Chairs of Sessions Soliciting Contributors to make their decisions and directly notify submitters of their acceptance decisions.

CAA 2022 Annual Conference
February 16–19, 2022: In-person sessions, Chicago
March 3-5: Virtual, live sessions (Zoom)
April 14: Close of registrant access to conference recordings


Page updated September 21, 2021. Check back regularly for updates!