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Spring 2024 Issue of Art Journal Winter 2023 Issue of Art Journal

The mission of Art Journal, founded in 1941, is to develop rigorous and shared methods by which modern and contemporary art can be understood; to engage critically with twentieth- and twenty-first-century art and art history in national and global frameworks; to encourage broad and rigorous contributions to our disciplines and to institute, in our peer review and editorial structures, an inclusive, critical, and collaborative approach to the development of new and emerging forms of thought and communities of practice; to address and redress exclusionary histories of art and art history as fields of practice and scholarship; to be pedagogically useful by making links between theoretical issues and their use in teaching at the college and university levels; to explore relationships among diverse forms of art practice and production as well as within the fields of art making, art history, visual studies, theory, and criticism; to give voice and publication opportunity to artists, art historians, and other writers in the arts; to be responsive to issues of the moment in and beyond the arts; and to promote dialogue and debate.

Art Journal and Art Journal Open commit to representation across race, gender, sexuality, disability, and other meaningful forms of experience in our content, our membership as a board, and our appointment of editors as well as to the inclusion of a wide range of approaches, methods, and subfields of modern and contemporary art history and art practice. We intend to use institutional structures to transform the disciplines of art and art history rather than to maintain the status quo.

The quarterly journal, which welcomes submissions from authors and artists worldwide and at every career stage, is published in spring, summer, autumn, and winter by CAA.

Selected content from each print issue of Art Journal is published on Art Journal Open.

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The Art Journal Award is presented to the author of the most distinguished contribution—article, interview, conversation, portfolio, review, or any other text or visual project—published in Art Journal during the previous year. Learn more here.

Back Issues

The journal is archived at Taylor & Francis Online and indexed in Bibliography of the History of ArtArt Index, and Arts and Humanities Citation Index. Back issues may also be read online in ProQuestEBSCO, and other online archives.

To purchase back issues of Art Journal from 1998 to the present, please contact Routledge, Taylor & Francis at or 800-354-1420. All orders are subject to availability. You may browse the tables of contents for past issues of Art Journal.