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Beginning in 1997, the Annual Artists’ Interviews were established to provide the opportunity for esteemed artists to have one-on-one conversations with colleagues at the Annual Conference.  

Each year, the Services to Artists Committee identifies two distinguished artists to participate. The interviews, held as part of the ARTspace Program, provide a unique opportunity for members to hear insights from artists in dialogue with the interviewer. This event is free and open to the public.

A generous grant from the National Endowment for the Arts funded the Artists’ Interviews as part of ARTspace in 2007, and 2010 to 2018. 

CAA Annual Artists’ Interviews 

 (artist listed, followed by interviewer) 

2023 Elia Alba in dialogue with Susanna V. Temkin, El Museo del Barrio

Postcommodity in dialogue with Elise Chagas, MoMA


2022 Jessica Stockholder interviewed by Christine Mehring

Willie Cole, no interviewer


2021 Alan Michelson interviewed by David Joselit

Polly Apfelbaum interviewed by David Pagel


2020 Sheila Pepe interviewed by John Corso Esquivel

Arnold Kemp interviewed by Huey Copeland


2019 Julie Mehretu interviewed by Julia Bryan-Wilson 

Guadalupe Maravilla interviewed by author Shelia Maldonado 


2018 Catherine Opie interviewed by Helen Molesworth 

Judy Baca interviewed by Anna Indych-Lopez 


2017 Coco Fusco interviewed by Steven Nelson 

Katherine Bradford interviewed by Judith Bernstein 


2016 Joyce Scott interviewed by George Ciscle 

Rick Lowe interviewed by LaToya Ruby Frazier 


2015 William Pope.L interviewed by Jenny Schlenzka  

Ursula von Rydingsvard interviewed by Mark Stevens 


2014 Kay Rosen interviewed by Terry R. Myers 


2013 Mira Schor interviewed by Stuart Horodner 

Janine Antoni interviewed by Klaus Ottmann 


2012 Mary Kelley with Johanna Burton 

Martin Kersels with Ian Berry 


2011 Krzysztof Wodiczko with Patricia Phillips 

Mel Chin with Miranda Lash 


2010 Phyllis Bramson with Lynne Warren 

Tony Tasset with John Neff 


2009 Robert Irwin with Lawrence Weschler 

Ruth Weisberg with Barbara Isenberg 


2008 Yoko Ono with Jonathan Feinberg 

Adel Abidin with Nada Shabout 


2007 Hans Haacke with Dennis Adams 

Betye Saar with Camara Holloway 


2006 George Nick interviewed by John Stomberg 

Annette Lemieux interviewed by Lelia Amalfitano 


2005 Willie Cole interviewed by Nancy Princenthal 

Lesley Dill interviewed by Tom Patterson 


2004 Buster Simpson interviewed by Richard Andrews 

Daniel Martinez interviewed by Lauri Firstenberg 


2003 Mary Lucier interviewed by Barbara London 

Shirin Neshat interviewed by Feri Daftari 


2002 Judy Pfaff interviewed by Irving Sandler 

John Moore interviewed by Therese Dolan 


2001 Ann Hamilton interviewed by Mary Katherine Coffey 

Ed Paschke interviewed by James Yood 


2000 Kerry James Marshall interviewed by Jonathan Fineberg 

Alice Aycock interviewed by Katy Siegel 


1999 Rachel Rosenthal interviewed by Betty Ann Brown 

Noah Purifoy interviewed by Joe Lewis 


1998 Vera Frenkel interviewed by Clive Robertson and Dot Tuer  

Michael Snow interviewed by Dennis Reid 


1997 Faith Ringgold interviewed by Moira Roth 

Miriam Schapiro interviewed by Judith Brodsky