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The Annual Conference Committee, working with the CAA Programs Department, selects the sessions and shapes the program of the Annual Conference. The committee ensures that the program reflects CAA’s goals for the conference, namely, to make it an effective place for intellectual, aesthetic, and professional learning and exchange; to reflect the diverse interests of the membership; and to provide opportunities for participation that are fair, equal, and balanced.


The Annual Conference Committee has appointed over 50 CAA members to the Council of Readers to serve a crucial role in the review process. The Council is tasked with reading proposals submitted by CAA members with a focus on each Reader’s specialty. Readers provide their time, knowledge, and expertise to help shape the conference. Review of proposals is overseen by the Committee and occurs in May. Each member of the Council of Readers reviews no more than 60 proposals.

View the Council of Readers.


Melissa Hilliard Potter, Columbia College Chicago, Vice President for Annual Conference and Programs, and CAA Board Liaison 
Lynne Allen, Boston University, CAA Board Liaison
Theresa Avila, California State University, Channel Islands
Colin Blakely, University of Arizona, CAA Board Liaison
Jessica Crocker, Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts, Students and Emerging Professionals Committee Representative
Tiffany Dugan, CAA Staff Liaison (ex officio) 
Mira Friedlaender, CAA Staff Liaison (ex officio)
Niku Kashef, Artist, Educator, Independent Curator, CAA Board Liaison
Ugochukwu-Smooth C. Nzewi, MoMA, CAA Board Liaison
Jennifer Rissler, San Francisco Art Institute, CAA Board Liaison
Richard Serrano, Art This Week Productions, Services to Artists Committee Representative
Joseph Lamar Underwood, Kent State University
Allison Young, Louisiana State University
Rebecca Zorach, Northwestern University


Please direct all queries regarding the Annual Conference Committee to Tiffany Dugan, CAA director of programs and publications.