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The Publications Committee oversees CAA’s publishing activities and supervises the editorial boards of The Art BulletinArt Journal/AJO, and, the juries of the Millard Meiss Publication Fund and Wyeth Foundation for American Art Publication Grant, and other projects.

The committee comprises seven voting and five nonvoting members: the vice president for publications (chair); the chairs of the Art BulletinArt Journal/AJO, and Editorial Boards; one CAA board member; two CAA members at large (new appointees pending); the editors-in-chief of The Art BulletinArt Journal, Art Journal Open, and (nonvoting); and the CAA executive director, head of content, and managing editor (nonvoting).


Mora J. Beauchamp-Byrd,  University of Tampa, Chair
Claudia Brittenham, University of Chicago, The Art Bulletin Editorial Board Chair 
Karin Zitzewitz, Michigan State University, Art Journal Editorial Board Chair 
Julie Nelson Davis, University of Pennsylvania, Editor-in-Chief and Chair 
Julie L. McGee, University of Delaware, CAA member-at-large
Stephen Whiteman, Courtauld Institute of Art, CAA member-at-large 
Nada Shabout, University of North Texas, CAA Board of Directors
Milette Gaifman, Yale University, The Art Bulletin Coeditor (ex officio)
Lillian Tseng, New York University, Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, The Art Bulletin Coeditor (ex officio) 
Jordana Moore-Saggese
, University of Maryland, Art Journal Editor-in-Chief (ex officio)
Nicole Archer, Montclair State University, Art Journal Open Editor-in-Chief (ex officio) 
Meme Omogbai, CAA Executive Director and CEO (ex officio) 
Amy Raffel, Head of Content (ex officio) 
Joan Strasbaugh, Managing Editor (ex officio)