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The conference opens on February 16 with 160 virtual live sessions to be held in Zoom from February 17–19, and 40 virtual live sessions to be held in Zoom from March 3–5. Access to recorded content will be available through April 14. The virtual Book and Trade Fair will open February 16 and be accessible until April 14. 

As of January 7, both components of the conference are now virtual. To accommodate this change, we have revised and streamlined our registration options. All paid conference registration options will have full access to all live virtual or recorded sessions and activities, set at the original virtual rate.*

Your paid Registration includes:  

  • February 16 – All virtual Conference opens with Convocation and Book and Trade Fair 
  • February 17–19 – virtual sessions and activities (Zoom)  
  • March 3–5 – virtual sessions and activities (Zoom)  
  • All recorded content will be available until 11:59 p.m. EST, April 14 (after processing and captioning). The virtual Book and Trade Fair will also be accessible until April 14.

Book and Trade Fair – virtual access is included in paid registration or by purchasing a stand-alone ticket.  

No-cost registration – includes Convocation, Annual Artist Interviews, Distinguished Scholar Session, CAA Committee and CAA’s Affiliated Societies’ Business Meetings, and the Services to Artists Committee (SAC) and Students and Emerging Professionals Committee (SEPC) Programming. These events are also included with paid registration. 

*If you registered as a “Virtual Only registrant” prior to January 7, you will now have access to all virtual sessions (including those in the February 16–17 component) as well as recordings.


CAA invites both members and non-members to the conference. As of January 7, 2022, the conference is now entirely virtual. CAA is offering All-Access Virtual registration to all sessions and activities at the virtual rate.  

The chart below previews prices you will see on the registration form.  

Membership type 

Registration type 


Tiers 1 and 2 

All-Access Virtual  


Tier 3 / Tier 3 Student 

All-Access Virtual  


Non Member / Public  

All-Access Virtual  



Virtual Book & Trade Fair Only 



No-Cost Registration Only


If you have trouble registering for the conference, email CAA Member Services or call 212-691-1051, ext. 1. between 9 a.m. –5 p.m. EST, Monday–Friday. CAA Annual Conference registration is not refundable.  

Key conference dates 2022:  

February 16–19: All-virtual Conference and Book and Trade Fair open on February 16. Sessions will convene virtually on Zoom from February 17–19  

March 3–5: Second set of virtual sessions convene on Zoom  

April 14: Access to recorded conference content and the virtual Book and Trade Fair close at 11:59 p.m. EST