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Programs » Annual Conference

CAA’s Annual Conference Keynote and Featured Speakers

CAA is accepting nominations for future Keynote Speakers here on a rolling basis.

2022 – Juan Salgado, City Colleges of Chicago 

2021 – Skawennati 

2020 – Amanda Williams 

2019 – Joyce J. Scott, Baltimore–based visual artist and MacArthur “Genius” Fellow 

2018 – Charles Gaines, Los Angeles–based artist and faculty at CalArts School of Art 

2017 – Mary Miller, Sterling Professor of History of Art 

2016 – Tania Bruguera, the distinguished Cuban installation and performance artist, who is serving as the first Artist–in–Residence for the New York Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs 

2015 – Dave Hickey, the distinguished art critic 

2014 – Jessica Stockholder 

2013 – Robert Storr of Yale University 

2012 – Rocco Landesman, chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts 

2011 – Jim Leach, chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities 

2010 – Dawoud Bey, renowned photographer 

2009 – Leonardo López Luján, senior researcher and professor of archaeology at the Museo del Templo Mayor, Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH) 

2008 – Donnt George, scholar, curator, and former director of the State Board of Antiquities and Heritage and the National Museum in Baghdad 

2007 – Duane Michals, photographer 

2006 – Arthur C. Danto, art critic for The Nation and Johnsonian Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Columbia University in New York 

2005 – Bruce Cole, Chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities 

2003 – Roger Shimomura, University of Kansas 

2002 – Anne d'Harnoncourt, director of Philadelphia Museum of Art 

2001 – Kerry James Marshall 

2000 – Christo and Jeanne–Claude 

1999 – John Walsh, Director, the J. Paul Getty Museum Special Events 

1998 – Tom Hill, Woodland Cultural Centre 

1997 – Philippe de Montebello, Metropolitan Museum of Art1996 – Joyce Jane Scott, artist, Baltimore 

1995 – Linda D. Schele, John D. Murchison Regents Professor, University of Texas at Austin 

1994 – Miriam Schapiro, artist and co–founder of the Feminist Art Program at the California Institute of the Arts 

1993 – Robert Venturi, architect of the Seattle Art Museum, 1991 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate 

1991 – Dennis Barrie, Director, Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati  

1990 – June Wayne, artist, lithographer, writer, and founder of Tamarind Lithography Workshop  

1988 – Walter Hopps, Director of the Menil Collection 

1986 – Robert Rosenblum, Neo–Art History, Professor of Fine Arts, New York University 

1984 – Ellen Johnson, Oberlin College 

1983 – Irving Lavin, Institute for Advanced Study 

1982 – John E. Sawyer, President of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation 

1981 – Wayne Thiebaud, University of California, Davis 

1980 – Alessandra Comini, Southern Methodist University 

1979 – Jean Sutherland Boggs, Harvard University 

1978 – Sherman E. Lee, Director of the Cleveland Museum of Art 

1977 – Albert Elsen, Stanford University 

1976 – Linda Nochlin Pommer, Vassar College 

1975 – Leo Steinberg 

1974 – H. W. Janson 

1973 – Lawrence Alloway