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The CAA Annual Conference and related programs provide the value of shared scholarship, research, and practice among members and those dedicated to the visual arts. They also provide the visual arts community an opportunity for collaboration, networking, and professional development. CAA’s programs are a primary benefit of membership as they establish professional standards and reinforce the stature of the organization as the authoritative resource for visual arts professionals.

CAA will hold its 109th Annual Conference as a virtual program, February 10-13, 2021, as an initial part of the association’s digital transformation. Providing content in a virtual format preserves and enhances access to the program and allows conference attendance to expand beyond boundaries embracing a global audience.

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A special message from our Executive Director:


As part of the 2021 Annual Conference, CAA includes sessions, papers, speakers, and related programming on the topic of Climate Crisis, including but going beyond eco-art and eco-criticism, and with climate justice and intersectional thinking as priorities. Learn more about this initiative here.

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