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History of Annual Meetings and Conferences

Video Recordings

Many sessions, events and other aspects of the Annual Conferences are recorded and/or live streamed during the events. You will find playlists of these videos on our YouTube Channel .

CAA's YouTube Page

Session Audio Recordings

Whether you took part in, attended, or missed a particular conference session, these recordings are a must-have for your library, research, or teaching. Recordings of most sessions are available for the 206 through 2014 conferences.

If interested in any recordings from the conferences below, please contact Katie Apsey at 212-392-4405.

Annual Conference Abstracts

Abstracts is the publication of record for papers and presentations made at CAA’s Annual Conference. The volume contains summaries of presentations by chairs and speakers from sessions at the conference by leading scholars, artists, curators, and other professionals in the visual arts. Topics reflect current research in all areas of art history, art criticism and theory, architectural history, studio art, and art education.

Beginning with the 2010 conference in Chicago, Abstracts is exclusively available online as a PDF download for registrants. Issues of the printed publication from 1999 to 2009 are also for sale: $30 for CAA members and $35 for nonmembers. For more information and to order, please contact Roberta Lawson, CAA office coordinator, at 212-392-4404.

Past Conference Dates and Locations

Rebecca Rushfield, an independent conservator based in New York and a member of CAA’s Committee on Women in the Arts, compiled the following list of CAA meetings and conferences from 1911 to the present.

105th February 15–18, 2017, New York Conference Program

104th February 3–6, 2016, Washington Conference Program

103rd February 11–14, 2015, New York, New York Conference Program

102nd February 13–16, 2014, Chicago, Illinois Conference Program | Blog

101st February 13–16, 2013, New York, New York Sessions

100th February 22–25, 2012, Los Angeles, California Sessions

99th February 9–12, 2011, New York Sessions

98th February 10–13, 2010, Chicago, Illinois Sessions

97th February 25–28, 2009, Los Angeles, California Sessions

96th February 20–23, 2008, Dallas–Fort Worth, Texas Sessions

95th February 14–17, 2007, New York Sessions

94th February 22–25, 2006, Boston, Massachusetts Sessions

93rd February 16–19, 2005, Atlanta, Georgia Sessions

92nd February 18–21, 2004, Seattle, Washington Sessions

91st February 19–22, 2003, New York Sessions

90th February 20–23, 2002, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Sessions

89th February 28–March 3, 2001, Chicago, Illinois Sessions

88th February 23–26, 2000, New York Sessions

87th February 10–13, 1999, Los Angeles, California Sessions

86th February 25–28, 1998, Toronto, Ontario Sessions

85th February 12–15, 1997, New York Sessions

84th February 21–24, 1996, Boston, Massachusetts Sessions

83rd January 25–28, 1995, San Antonio, Texas Sessions

82nd February 16–19, 1994, New York Sessions

81st February 3–6, 1993, Seattle, Washington Sessions

80th February 12–15, 1992, Chicago, Illinois Sessions

79th February 20–23, 1991, Washington, DC Sessions

78th February 14–17, 1990, New York Sessions

77th February 15–18, 1989, San Francisco, California Conference Program

76th February 10–13, 1988, Houston, Texas Conference Program

75th February 11–14, 1987, Boston, Massachusetts Conference Program

74th February 12–15, 1986, New York Conference Program

73rd February 13–16, 1985, Los Angeles, California Conference Program

72nd February 22–25, 1984, Toronto, Ontario Conference Program

71st February 16–19, 1983, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Conference Program

70th February 24–27, 1982, New York Conference Program

69th February 25–28, 1981, San Francisco, California Conference Program

68th January 30–February 2, 1980, New Orleans, Louisiana Conference Program

67th January 31–February 3, 1979, Washington, DC Conference Program

66th January 25–28, 1978, New York Conference Program

65th February 1–5, 1977, Los Angeles, California Conference Program

64th February 1–4, 1976, Chicago, Illinois Conference Program

63rd January 22–25, 1975, Washington, DC Conference Program

62nd January 23–26, 1974, Detroit, Michigan Conference Program

61st January 24–27, 1973, New York Conference Program

60th January 27–29, 1972, San Francisco, California Conference Program

59th January 27–31, 1971, Chicago, Illinois Conference Program

58th January 28–February 1, 1970, Washington, DC Conference Program

57th January 30–February 1, 1969, Boston, Massachusetts Conference Program

56th January 25–27, 1968, St. Louis, Missouri Conference Program

55th January 26–28, 1967, Cleveland, Ohio Conference Program

54th January 27–29, 1966, New York Conference Program

53rd January 28–30, 1965, Los Angeles, California Conference Program

52nd January 30–February 1, 1964, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Conference Program

51st January 24–26, 1963, Baltimore, Maryland Conference Program

50th September 13–14, 1961, New York Conference Program

49th January 26–28, 1961, Minneapolis, Minnesota Conference Program

48th January 28–30, 1960, New York Conference Program

47th January 29–31, 1959, Cleveland, Ohio Conference Program

46th January 30–February1, 1958, Washington, DC Conference Program

45th January 24–27, 1957, Detroit, Michigan Conference Program

44th January 25–29, 1956, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Conference Program

43rd January 27–29, 1955, New York Conference Program

42nd January 28–30, 1954, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Conference Program

41st January 29–31, 1953, Cleveland, Ohio Conference Program

40th January 24–26, 1952, New York Conference Program

39th January 29–31, 1951, Washington, DC Conference Program

38th January 26–28, 1950, Chicago, Illinois Conference Program

37th January 27–29, 1949, Baltimore, Maryland Conference Program

36th January 29–31, 1948, Boston, Massachusetts Conference Program

35th January 29–February 1, 1947, New York Conference Program

34th January 5, 1946, New York (business meeting)

33rd February 17, 1945, New York (business meeting)

32nd January 29, 1944, New York (business meeting)

31st January 29–30, 1943, Baltimore, Maryland (meeting canceled; business meeting held on January 30 in New York) Conference Program

30th January 23–24, 1942, New Haven, Connecticut Conference Program

29th January 29–February 1, 1941, Chicago, Illinois Conference Program

28th September 6–9, 1939, New York Conference Program

27th December 2–4, 1938, Wellesley, Massachusetts

26th November 5–7, 1937, Chicago, Illinois Conference Program

25th April 8–10, 1936, New York

24th May 22–25, 1935, Washington, DC

23rd March 28–31, 1934, New York

22nd June 15–17, 1933, Chicago, Illinois

21st March 30–April 2, 1932, New York

20th April 1–3, 1931, New York

19th December 26–28, 1929, Boston, Massachusetts

18th December 27–29, 1928, New York

17th No information available

16th December 27–30, 1926, Cambridge, Massachusetts

15th December 29–31, 1925, Ithaca, New York

14th December 29–31, 1924, Chicago, Illinois

13th December 27–29, 1923, Princeton, New Jersey

12th April 6–7, 1923, Boston, Massachusetts

11th April 13–15, 1922, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

10th March 24–26, 1921, Washington, DC

9th April 1–3, 1920, Cleveland, Ohio

8th May 12–14, 1919, New York

7th March 28–30, 1918, New York

6th April 5–7, 1917, Cincinnati, Ohio

5th April 20–22, 1916, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

4th 1915, Buffalo, New York

3rd December 29–30, 1913, Chicago, Illinois

2nd December 1912, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

1st 1911, Urbana, Illinois (as the College Art Section of the Western Drawing and Manual Training Association)

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